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I have a good idea Daddy…

My daughter is the typical Pre-K student. She talks nonstop about everything her teacher does in school. Every small thing is major in her eyes. She sings every song to Moana at the top of her lungs. She is sweet, innocent and … Continue reading

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Power of Home Visits

    Reflecting upon current or past practices is the by far the best learning moments a teacher can take to improve. As I am in the midst of the final term of the school year, I am reminded of all … Continue reading

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Teaching in the ‘Love Triangle’ of divorce

I grew up in a home where money was depleted regularly. I remember begging my Dad for money to buy new glasses. He always referred me back to Mom arguing that he paid his child support. The problem is it … Continue reading

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‘Daddy write’

Coming home this week, I was exhausted like many educators. The chaos of beginning a new position, coaching a varsity sport, and teaching a graduate level course weighs a lot on a person’s mind.  I expect myself to excel at … Continue reading

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Show them how to follow through their dream

He was the Shaquille O’Neal of his class. Tall. African American. Solid B average; A average when he applied himself. Phenomenal personality. He was the student in middle school who you wanted to scold at moments, but his charm sometimes … Continue reading

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To High School Seniors: Make the right decision about college

As the brisk wind crossed my face and tennis balls were flying, I get to spend a lot of informal time building relationships with students and parents through coaching. I’ll admit, tennis is by no means by best sport. However, when … Continue reading

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Blowing bubbles and making magic

Words were simply not coming out … clearly that is of course … for the longest time for my young daughter. She was making obscure noises, but nothing vaguely clear and I was a concerned parent. There were other children … Continue reading

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