A Shove in the Right Direction

Hosting a busy life, it’s not always easy getting a chance to learn from the past; I viewed my time as too precious and I couldn’t waste it. As school closures hit, and I found myself having a lot more time on my hands. I have always struggled with the concept of social distancing and complete silence; the deafening sound of nothing lead me to my wife’s grandmother.

A child of the Great Depression, we spoke about the concept of needing to hold back and give up some of the luxuries of everyday life. She laughed at the concept as she reminded me of not getting in door plumbing until high school and the manner in which they kept meat salted down and hung until ready to cook it.

I could never imagine not having those simple luxuries, plumbing and a freezer.

Now my struggles are limited interaction with colleagues and poor to no internet connection from home. I have even needed to unplug due to my data plan exceeding its limit with double digit days to spare.

And guess what … I am perfectly fine.

Instead, I got to see my children bake brownies, read books multiple times a day, played tag for the first time in ages (and was quite out of breath), and busted out the old rod and reel one evening too. I have watched the sun set and try not to not to be awake at sunrise. Those 6am cups of coffee can come a little later as the kiddos eat our cereal around the television in the morning watching cartoons.

Being home has caught some EPIC moments too. My daughter was playing with her exquisite collection of Beanie Boos and one ripped from the seams. The regular response was give it to grandma to sew, but today was different. There was no worry about having enough time. We had time. My wife taught my daughter to sew her doll back together herself.

Time is going to speed back up slightly as schools push towards online learning soon, but I encourage you not to wrap all of your time into teleworking. Yes, give your job the time it deserves, but also give the simple moments at home the time each of those deserve too.

Enjoy your weekend!


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