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More scholarship money in the pockets of HS seniors

At the current rate I am paying for my college loans and unforeseen new costs that arise in my family, I might be able to have them paid off by the time my daughter goes to college in 2030. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Connecting to students through ‘hard love’

Every year I come in contact with students that make my job one that I would do for free. For every teacher it’s different, but for me that student completes all their work, asks amazing questions in class, participates in … Continue reading

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Students get it honest! Teaching English/Language Arts, I read a lot of short responses to literature and essays. Some are refreshing to read and gives me a sense of pride. Other times I look similar to the photo above as … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Goal

Nothing beats accomplishing a major goal. A task that is so monumental it takes months of detailed preparation and time. …but now what. That is often the feeling after students and teachers finish up a state standardized test. I often … Continue reading

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Authentic Learning

“How do you know your students were learning,” was asked to me in a formal observation by my one of my supervisors during one of my early years of teaching. My supervisor’s son happen to be in the same class … Continue reading

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