Student Artifacts

Over the years, I have been blessed to cultivate talents which students did not even know existed. Their amazement in themselves and joy when succeeding at monumental task has been a blessing to my professional career. Today, I am sharing some student artifacts that were created under my instruction:

  • Infographics – Top #PocomokeScholars Smog InfoGraphics, May 2016
  • Globally Connected – Making Two-Voice Poetry an Authentic Learning Task, March 2016
  • Confederate Flag Debate – Lowering the flag won’t change people’s hearts, January 2016
  • College and Career Readiness Project – Washington and Lee University, June 2015
  • Anne Frank Documentary Video, May 2015 – Here is a link to a student documentary about Anne Frank. The task was to display the challenges of Anne’s life with the primarily resource being the her world renown diary.
  • Literature Circle Booklet, April 2015 – Show is one student’s literature circle booklet. Utilizing literature circle groups allowed student to dive deeper in their novel and have a great understanding. Also, here is a blog post I wrote about the process
  • Letters About Literature State Finalist, March 2015 – This young lady was a regular with our in-school suspension program throughout middle school. During writer’s workshop, she found her compassion to write and explore.
  • Two-Voice Poem, December 2014 – These young ladies were studying Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell Tale Heart. Our class explored point of view and perspective. To display mastery, the ladies retold the poem from the perspective of  killer and the heart.
  • A Child’s Journey Through Ellis Island, November 2014 – This writing artifact took top honors in a county Daughters of the American Revolution Essay contest entitled “A Child’s Journey Through Ellis Island.” The topic was to celebrate the anniversary of Ellis Island and retell a story through the eyes of someone who was went through the immigration process at the island.
  • Through Hell and Back, Fall 2014 – Here is a narrative writing task a student of mine did an exceptional job on.

Please, feel free to leave feedback; I enjoy the interaction with my PLN.

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