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Creative Colleagues

From time to time, I love sharing some of the great ideas my colleagues have done. It inspires me to get in gear and keeping making my instructional practices engaging. Too often I miss or overlook parts of Twitter because … Continue reading

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Four Quadrants

Last week I was invited to join a group of aspiring leaders at Salisbury University. Engrossed in conversations of what works and what doesn’t work, the two speakers — Henry Wagner (@DrHenryVWagner) and Ruth Malone — offered great wisdom about Stephen … Continue reading

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Reflective Colleagues Challenge My Practices

Failure. Probably the biggest word that individuals in a professional career fear more than any other. The thought of having all their hours and thoughtful preparation devoured by unsure looks of student confusion is devastating, but it happens (more often … Continue reading

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Relationship Building: Earning the Right to be Heard

Like most people, I enjoy doing the things I feel most comfortable doing. In the classrooom and school environment I love building relationships with students and being a role model to those students. More often than not, teacher are devoured … Continue reading

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Engaging Parents

One of the greatest challenges I have in teaching is having enough time in the day to do the things which are the arguably the most important, engage in more conversations with parents. Too often I find myself honing in … Continue reading

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Day 2 of 30: Mimio Board integration

Each year I attempt to amp up my classroom instruction whether it be a new strategy, activity, or piece of technology. I have ran the gauntlet with a wiki, Edmodo, Turning Point, Remind 101, etc. etc. However, this year I … Continue reading

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30-Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers ACCEPTED

Perusing #mschat and #elachat on a quiet #sunchat (which all of you Twitter folks understand what that means) and I came across a Teach Thought blog post about a 30-day blogging challenge. I’ll admit, when I thought of challenge I … Continue reading

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