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#MDCCRC – Maryland College & Career Readiness Conference

For two days, I am ravaging the campus of Salisbury University at the Maryland College & Career Readiness Conference. Empowered from educators and presenters from across the state, the optimism and realty of the challenges of the new curriculum are … Continue reading

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Elementary Typing Stars

  At the beginning of summer school, I had numerous students were subpar typers and their frustration showed loudly. They were uncomfortable typing and wanted to peck at every key. Working with the different types of keyboards — smartphone, tablet, … Continue reading

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National Board Certified Teacher: Is it worth it?

Over the past few days I have procrastinated on reviewing for my comprehensive finals for my doctoral program (similar to many of my middle school students) and got to wondering what I will do after the doctoral program. Fortunately, the … Continue reading

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Typing at the elementary level

It never fails, I am a glutton for new experiences and challenges. This summer I have left the realm of testosterone and middle school drama for snotty noses and huggers of elementary school. While reminding to tie shoes and use inside … Continue reading

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Positive Direction

Change has been common during my education career. Sometimes one’s colleagues leave (for better positions or family reasons), supervisors always come and go, and  students change annually. However, it’s even more difficult to lose those day-to-day relationships. At the end of … Continue reading

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Interviewing: A learning curve

  Education has consumed my life and positively impacting young people is something I don’t take lightly. Working in youth ministry and as a classroom teacher, I constantly self-reflect on how I could have managed a situation differently or taught a … Continue reading

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Arrrr….Pinterest …

Lounging on the couch in the living room, I began preparing items for Monday’s elementary summer school enrichment program I am involved in. An email from earlier in the day stated it was going to have a pirate theme and … Continue reading

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