#MDCCRC – Maryland College & Career Readiness Conference

For two days, I am ravaging the campus of Salisbury University at the Maryland College & Career Readiness Conference. Empowered from educators and presenters from across the state, the optimism and realty of the challenges of the new curriculum are becoming more and more real. Unfortunately, the news media has pillaged the new Common Core Standards over the past year and cast doubt in many people – I included from time to time.

However, as more and more educators gain the knowledge of how to teach and assess the new standards a metaphorical roadmap now exist. Fairly, the map has limited roads and the compass has just shown itself in the corner. In spite of this, many more individuals now have the tools to build the additional roads needed, but like most road construction “it takes time.”

Like many travelers, frustration is constant and often pushes us (teachers, administrators, students, and parents) to a boiling point. We want to have access to the road immediately and get to our final destination … however, taking our time gets us to the right spot which kids can be successful


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