EDLD 510-SP17


I am excited for you to join me on this journey of exploration of the pillars of digital leadership this semester at Salisbury University. It will be a challenging course where we analyze and evaluate our own schools and districts and how each align to the pillars of digital leadership. You will engage in numerous authentic tasks, which can be taken back into your own classrooms and schools.

One facet of the course is being a reflective practitioner. You will use your blog as a platform to share your work and build your Professional Learning Community (PLC).

You will find each student’s reflective blog.

Brian Cook, Ed.D.

Spring 2017


  Name Blog Name Twitter Handle
1. Gaven Growing Into Leadership @coachgparker
2. Mary Jo The Power of Influence @maryjokerr21
3. Tommy Trials in Educational Leadership @CoachSitar
4. Terri Ann #Your Education Matters – Education through Technology @tmiller5286
5. Jared Sherman @shermanteach
6. Susie Michelle No Shushing Allowed @NCHSMediaCenter
7. Victoria Victoria’s Education & Technology Reflections @VictoriaDanna2
8. Chris Weekly Reflections @cbozman18
9. Lauren Educational Leadership @laurencarrico89
10. Allison Leading Educators in the 21st Century @allisonraab
11. Heather The Art of Teaching @hsneeuwjagtedu
12. Myesha Thoughts of an Educator @Mrs_Myesha_Ford
13. Greg Mr. Insley’s Blog @insley_greg
14. Niya Third Grade Times @NiyaBrowne1
15. Melissa Leadership and Technology Reflections @me_huntsberry
16. Sarah Coming Soon… @seharmon7
17. John Kids First 2017 @jkahleducatot
18. Jon (Logan) Reflections of Teaching and Learning @Mr_JWebster
19. Tuishula “Tish” World of Wise @tish_w25
20. Nash Educational Leadership: Reflections from a Teacher and Coach @MrIrelandNCHS
21. Christy Ms. South’s Site @ChristyS427
22. Keith Journey in Educational Leadership @keith_bailey13
23. Mary-Tyler Education Troubador theatreducate
24. Elizabeth Integrating Technology in Education @Esinger_edu
25. Patrick Leadership and Technology Reflections @patrickkohledu
26. Kristen Ms. Horner’s 5th Grade Class @KristenHorner6
27. Melanie Never Stop Learning @mtcoleman3
28. Kristina Love Learning Again @klpowell2017
29. Jacob Let’s Get Cookin’ @coachjcoleman
30. Tiana Marie Educational Leadership Journey @TianaMarieR
31. Amanda Reflections from B215 @mrsamrobinson11