Courses Taught in Higher Education

EDUC 210: The School in a Diverse Society  (Face-to-Face)

  • This hybrid course examines the sociological, historical and philosophical approach to the role of the school in an increasingly diverse society as well as the integration of strategies for success in college. Emphasis on development of knowledge, values, and skills needed to live, learn, interact, and work effectively in a global society. Field experience required (20 hours). Course is a part of the undergraduate teacher education program at Salisbury University.

EDLD 510: Educational Leadership and Technology (Online/Hybrid)

  • Enables school administrators to utilize technology to increase student achievement as well as to understand the effective use of educational technology in the classroom. Students investigate the issues that surround the use of technology in an educational setting, as well as develop the skills and understandings to meet the national Technology Standards for Administrators. Course is a part of the educational leadership track within the M.Ed. program at Salisbury University. Served in re-developing this course to meet the needs of a 21st Century Leader.

EDUC 502: Introduction to Research (Hybrid)

  • Introduction to quantitative and qualitative methods of scientific inquiry. Gain experience in the use, interpretation and application of research to solve organizational and instructional problems. Course is a part of the M.Ed. program at Salisbury University.

EDUC 585: Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning (Hybrid)

  • Examines the use of graphics, productivity tools and interactive technologies to enhance learning. Develops ability to plan, organize and design products that effectively communicate information and challenges the use of specific tools to solve problems. Use technology applications to design and develop interactive learning environments to support authentic, constructivist, problem-based learning for all learners. Critically evaluate tools appropriate for learners. Course is a part of the M.Ed. program at Salisbury University. Served in realigning and redeveloping this course to meet the needs of  21st Century Learners.

EDUC 695: Research Seminar (Hybrid)

  • Capstone experience for students in the M.Ed. program at Salisbury University. Students utilize research skills in completing a project based on a topic related to their concentration. Project must be presented to a professional audience. Students also reflect on how the M.Ed. program has made a difference in their professional lives.

SCED 318: Computers in Education (Face-to-Face and Hybrid)

  • This course examines educational technology and its current and potential impact on schools.  The course provides an introduction to the role of technology in the teaching and learning process as well as to the use of technology to enhance teacher productivity and professional development.  It examines current issues in the use of educational technology, the impact of technology on society, and techniques for integrating technology into the classroom. Students examine Web 2.0, audio, video, and graphic technologies, as well as tools for collecting and analyzing student data. Course is a part of the undergraduate teacher education program at Salisbury University.