DARE Changes Students’ Lives


Students are in a world that is constantly changing. Children are connected via handheld devices to more people and information than every imaginable. However, they are more alone than ever before too.

My observations lead me to believe being over connected too early has caused a downfall of other numerous human communication skills. I dread how dependent we are on technology, and it is only going to get worse as technology evolves. Therefore, programs that challenge students to interact with someone out of their comfort zone warms my heart.

My students are participating in our district’s Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program. Officer Matt Crisafulli of the Worcester County (MD) Sheriff’s Department challenges student thinking regarding good decision making, stress, behaviors, and so much more. I cannot share how excited I get about DARE because this may be the only time students ever get to discuss these items. Parents are becoming overly connected too, dismantling many of those child-parent conversations I used to have with my Mom in the car on the way home from school everyday.

The open dialogue and room for students to make mistake and hear from their peers is a game changer.

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