World Read Aloud Day Global Challenge

We packed creative sixth graders in a room, came to the realization literacy is important,  and a student-created project came to life in less than 20. Keep reading to learn more about this global collaboration. 

Fun Facts: 

  • Every student from around the world is being invited to participate by sharing their name and location and reading an excerpt of their favorite book or an original story.
  • The students on the introduction video are real students in a real classroom, no actors were used. Each of these students love reading and learning. 
  • Educators from three different countries participated in this project.
  • We’re proud of the number of teachers and educators worldwide who have agreed to participate in our inaugural event.
  • We used an asynchronous collaboration app called FLipGrid to record and store all the amazing readings shared. All the video clips are going to be recorded by different people in different places all over the world.
  • Our students, teachers, and parents have shared the infographic all over their social media platforms. 

The hashtag #WorldReadAloudDay and #WRAD2018 is being used so classrooms can follow via Twitter online of all the world wide events occurring, not just ours. (We hope to see what you create!)

Sharing your favorite excerpt from a book and loving literacy is a win. Empowering students from all over the world to have a voice in reading is even better. We are excited to see where this project goes this year as well as in the future.

Our goals:

  • representation from 50 states
  • representation from 5 countries other than the USA
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