Global Read Aloud: Allowing innovation into the reading classroom

Engagement has never looked the same year to year. The same old tricks may not always work and that is the case for this year with a challenging group of sixth grade students. However, I am determined to be innovative to benefit their learning.

To do so, I was challenged by a colleague to join the Global Read Aloud project in the middle level category. Reading about the project and knowing other participants, I felt confident to dive in immediately by connecting with a San Francisco based teacher to unravel the mysteries of literature together.

We began by answering a series of questions using Flip Grid — as shown below — about our community. They were teaser questions to give a general idea of where we were located in the USA, but nothing with our actual name. The clues allowed Mrs. Reynolds class to locate us with the help of some technology. Tomorrow, we will do the same with the clues created by her class.

Over the next five-six weeks, we are going to connect with Mrs. Reynolds’ class and discuss Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt. I cannot wait!

I was unsure about whether students were buy into the mature content of the novel or decide the extra work was not what they were looking for in their enrichment class. However, after modeling the exposition in the first few pages I found students were hook, line, and sinker. The topic is one they usually do not get to have with an adult due to embarrassment or not having enough trust in them at home.

My classroom is transitioning into an authentic discussion group about real topics going on in the world and addressing real problems which occur with our students. I’m so excited to teach my #PocomokeScholars this month and every month!

All of us are going to learn together.



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