New experience: Undergraduate education

The 2015-2016 school year brought numerous challenges to me professionally: changing schools, coaching at a new school, and serving as adjunct at a local university. Each experience made me reflect on my current practices and adapt them to meet the needs of my students. I wanted my students to know that education takes a person farther in life and I was determined to build excitement into their learning experiences.

My toughest challenge this year was teaching graduate students. Each of them had a different intention for taking the course and many of those conflicted with my own. For example, I wanted to let them know that research practices can change the way their students learn. In return, what I often heard was how completion of the master’s program will give them a raise.

I admit, I was the same way once.

I wanted that raise — for me and my family.

As gallant as those goals are, however, it quickly became evident to me that maybe I lost the reason of why I was there in the first place, to get better at my craft.

Keeping that in mind, I am excited for yet another change this semester; the offer to teach an undergraduate course in a teacher education program.

Stunned … with excitement.

I remember why I got into teaching.

I remember the passion I had for young people.

I wanted to play the role my coaches and teachers played in my life in the lives of others.

This fall, I get the chance to teach in an education program and inspire those looking to go into the field. My course is one of the early classes in the program. The place where individuals decide to move on or change their major.

I can be that inspiration to the next generation of teachers.

#humbled #excited

Thank you to those who led me into teaching. I hope I can do the same this fall.

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1 Response to New experience: Undergraduate education

  1. Congratulations on this opportunity Brian! I know that you will have a positive impact on your students.

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