Becoming Accountable…I Love It

I’ll admit, I had a great week off.

Yes, I took a week off. It is not the “teacher” thing to do, but it was the “parent” thing to do as my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world. I spent time around the house tweaking things in his room, trying to keep him awake during the day, and watched a ton of movies along the way.

As my workweek began, I was updating grades for midterms frantically as I missed the deadline during my absence. Sweat rippled down my face as scholars ere walking in wanting to see photos of my son and know how things went. Their compassion was amazing, but something else caught me off guard.

No one asked about their grade.

No one!

Most times after midterms go out I am bombarded with Why did I get this grade? and You gave me a C!

Instead late papers were handed to me with question of When will you be getting that in the gradebook?

Scholars knew their grades and what was missing because Power School, our district’s platform for grading, passwords were given to all students to monitor their grades. It may not sound that exciting to many, but students never had access to grades in the past.


A September 2015 Conversation

  • In my previous district, it was a norm for scholars to check grades on a regular basis. When I realized Power School was available, I kept telling scholars to go to guidance to get their passwords for Power School. Finally, the guidance counselor came to talk to me about why I was sending scholars to her. She mentioned this was foreign territory for this particular school, and would go searching to get passwords for our scholars because she thought it was a good idea.


Two weeks after midterms were handed out, scholars were checking their grades independently in all classes during computer time. The culture is changing for #pocomokescholars and accountability is developing in the young minds of my scholars.

I am amazed how one simple idea is beginning to change the culture of #pocomokescholars!


A big shout out to my school counselor for helping in this simple initiative!


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Husband, Daddy, teacher, #Mountaineer, coach, and aspiring school leader | Thoughts are my own.
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