Fill ‘er up

Photo by my amazing wife.

Photo by my amazing wife.

My daughter has numerous stall tactics when she doesn’t want to do something.

Potty, potty, potty is a very popular one right before bed time.

But tonight’s stall tactic was one simple word, plants.

Let’s go outside for plants.

It was a cool evening and the garden and flowers around the house could use a drink too. Consequently, she started jumping and pointing to the window and shouting for the dog to join us on our journey.

It always starts with me dragging the hose across the yard to the garden. As I drench my dying cucumbers and admire the peppers which were ready to pick, my now three year old trotted over to me with a Mickey Mouse watering can. She warmed my heart with a ear to ear smile and held out her pale to be filled.

As I worked in and out of the garden, she followed me around like a lonely dog to its owner. Every 30 seconds or so she would dump out her entire pale on one plant or flower and run over to me to get some more water, water.

I glare at her in frustration, but I quickly obliged and filled her up.

All smiles, she moved onto the next plant and we continued this practice for the next 20 minutes before retiring for the evening.

And every time I gave her the glare, but she smiled and that’s all it took … then I fill it up again.

As I fit back and reflect on the evening, maybe my daughter is onto something. Too often in school some of my students were walking in with baggage that I cannot even imagine. Their home lives are draining them emotionally and the school system is the only one providing them a meal.

Similar to my plants, they sit out in the scorching sun better known as life and take the heat. They are in situations a child cannot get out from under without help from a trusting adult.

And what better place to find one of those than school.

Therefore, when students get to school it’s everyone’s (i.e., secretaries, teachers, custodians, bus drivers, administrators) responsibility to fill those students up with compassion and love. We never know what they have been through to get to school that day.

Yes, it can become repetitive sometimes like filling the pale of water again and again.

However, to that one student, that one day, makes the world to them.

So, remember as the school bells ring soon do not forget to fill ‘er up because it will make all the difference.


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Husband, Daddy, teacher, #Mountaineer, coach, and aspiring school leader | Thoughts are my own.
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One Response to Fill ‘er up

  1. That’s a beautiful thing to do! You have a pretty & sweet daughter!! 🙂
    Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 🙂

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