30-Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers ACCEPTED

Perusing #mschat and #elachat on a quiet #sunchat (which all of you Twitter folks understand what that means) and I came across a Teach Thought blog post about a 30-day blogging challenge. I’ll admit, when I thought of challenge I instantly think of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge because it has become such a  rapid trend one social media. In combination with my language arts colleagues, our school is implementing a PLC or PLN (use your acronym of preference).

What a better way to challenge teachers to reflect upon practice and share with others (outside of the walls of a building).

As a result, I am going to accept the 30-Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers and challenge my five + one language arts counterparts to do the same when we return to school next week as well as colleague Jon Harper (@jonharper70bd) to do the same with his staff members who are embracing some of his positive changes at Sandy Hill Elementary School.

Here is the prompt for Day1: Write your goals for the school year. Be specific or abstract as you’d like to be.

1-Have more energy than my students: One week into school I noticed I have some challenging classes with personalities, unique ability levels, and many with “baggage” which they are carrying to school daily. However, that heavy load cannot weigh me down daily because it will only have an everlasting effect on student learning.

2-Utilize Google Docs at its fullest: In the past I have used Google Docs with only my higher achieving students and stuck to other traditional teaching methods to those “immature students” who I thought could not handle Google Docs. However, this year I am going to infuse Google Docs for all my students as well as my grade-level counterpart too.

3-Excite Students About the Curriculum: Numbering the new textbooks, I saw the look “Crap I have to carry that heavy book around all year,” and my students haven’t even cracked the book open yet. The level is challenging, but doable. With some of the extras I have in my instructional repertoire, I believe the new textbook will be a great platform used within the classroom.

4-Authentic Assessments: During a technology PD facilitated by  Melissa Finkel (@MelissaFinkel) this summer we spoke about assessing students with technology. Melissa had a plethora of ideas to use in the classroom to show mastery. With some help from some new iPads entering the building, I hope this will happen on a regular basis.

5-Data: Unfortunately, to no ones fault, data was not used very much last year as a limited number of assessments were available. This year curriculum has been aligned well (so far) and the assessments look to be on the same page too! Hopefully, I can refresh myself on Performance Matters (internal database for student data) and really delve into how students are performing (achieving or struggling).



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