Positive Direction

Change has been common during my education career. Sometimes one’s colleagues leave (for better positions or family reasons), supervisors always come and go, and  students change annually. However, it’s even more difficult to lose those day-to-day relationships.

At the end of the school year I had two colleagues take new positions to better their career, and I was handed a new content supervisor. To the two who left, I am thankful for the instructional tips and hidden secrets shared with me over the years. Your passion for the profession is highly desired in education, and your ability to interact with children is impeccable.

To my new content supervisor, I inherited a rock star with a ton of positive energy. In a short conversation today (reaching out to a handful of the content teachers), I felt the supervisor ignite something which has been vacant for the past two years in my building — optimism. Too often teachers are left in silos and their instruction takes a plunge. Working with my Twitter PLN has assisted me a lot when staying positive and building instructional capacity, but a fresh face with a similar vision is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Now to the big question … When is the first day of school? It’s time to get started.


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Husband, Daddy, teacher, #Mountaineer, coach, and aspiring school leader | Thoughts are my own.
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