Chaotic End of the Year

When students and teachers can count under 30 days left of an academic school there are controlled “chaos” looming from that point until the end the year. This also happens to be the time when every event possible is crammed into the smallest possible calendar. Kids love it, teachers dread it, and principals merely try to balance it. With under 18 days left myself, here are some useful tips I share with my students (and maybe your as well) and colleagues.


The school year is coming to an end.





– keep your eye on the ball

-school is a marathon, it’s how you finish which is important

-turn everything in (school activities do not mean you are exempt)



– plan up until the last day; I often begin a short novel or project for the last two weeks of school to keep students engaged until the end

-grading can be taxing with all the events plus end of the year paperwork (SLOs, Evaluations) — spread out your mountain of work over time

-give students an evaluation of you — let them be honest — learn their likes and dislikes of your class to make yourself better

-start planning for next year, the summer can be over before you know it



-let your child know there is still work to be done

-keep routines the same–trust me

-lift up your child about their accomplishments from the school year

-support the school during its many chaos in the last few weeks (volunteers are  always needed)


By ensuring some of these tips, the school year will end on a positive note. Appreciate summer is coming and there is time to recharge, but take time to appreciate the growth you have seen in students and colleagues over the year. And … when in doubt … don’t worry if you missed something … you will get to do it all over again beginning in August.


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Husband, Daddy, teacher, #Mountaineer, coach, and aspiring school leader | Thoughts are my own.
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