Climbing the Mountain…Continues

In December 2012 I walked into an illuminated banquet room which I never knew existed. Everywhere suits towered over a rambunctious group of seasoned professionals. Hushed by the curiosity, the group turned uneasy one-by-one as a mountain was bestowed upon every individual. Aware one day the mountain must be climbed, but never pondering on the act itself.

mountain journey

Now, two years of intellectual training has equipped each participant for a struggle of a lifetime. The quest of climbing the mountain limits interactions with loved ones, thrusts them into uncertainty, and leaves them in mental isolation. The map is clear as the  Linapacan Island in the Philippines (which is a great vacation spot I may add), but the task of the intellectual warriors is very complex.


Our intellectual warriors will fill their bowl of knowledge from the caldron of failures. They will slave off the academic theorist of the pre-typewriter era and mimic their trails with the stroke of a keyboard looking for significance in their journey. As battle wounds become a symbol of accomplishment, each warrior will face their darkest fears – a quintet of armored suits.


Pleading for mercy, the intellectual warriors envision condemnation of the suits. However, a glimpse of a smirk appears as passage to the pinnacle of the expedition is given – the dissertation is over (in  May 2015).


About briancookeducator

Husband, Daddy, teacher, #Mountaineer, coach, and aspiring school leader | Thoughts are my own.
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