Sitting home over the Christmas break, I found myself endulged in coffee, grading essays, and #edtechchat via Twitter. One paramount I enjoy as a teacher is realizing how much my students have grown with the intense writing instruction my colleagues and I have been doing. Many students have jumped leaps and bounds as we break down the nuts and bolts of Six Traits of Writing.

However, I came across a blog in between essays about a fellow educator of mine reflecting on his practices in 2013. Fortunately, I believe I give it my all on a daily basis, but I have to admit my technology has been limited this school year due to the writing focus. A self-proclaimed tech guru, technology can be simple to integrate in the classroom with writing, but I haven’t been doing it as well as in the past.

My self-astonishment has brought me to the p0int of creating a “tech-no-resolution,” list of technology goals for 2014, in no specific order of importance.

1. PLN — I read them all the time, but typically it’s archived chats. In 2014, I will be active one of the following PLN #edtechchat, #engchat, #satchat, #mdeschat, or #mschat weekly. In the meantime, I need to make a master list of what time each PLN meets weekly.

2. Blogging — Sometimes moments and stories go untold; I am guilty of not sharing enough. Weekly bloggin must become a necessity again; I had to begin a new blog because I was locked out of my previous one from being inactive.


Image: Kristina

3. Student Blogging — I am beginning an after school blogging/writing program once a week in late January. I am going to allow students to share their moments and creative writing with the world.


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